March 2018

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Message from the President:


Dear Fellow Members:

It looks like winter is over, spring and daylight savings is here and warmer weather for shooting. Happy Easter to all.

Bay Point put on their annual crab feed on March 3rd, a great event enjoyed by many members and friends. Laura Shaw (VP extraordinaire) and her family and club crew created a phenomenal crab feed, I want to thank all BP Board members and club members for gathering raffle prizes and their commitment to fundraising for Bay Point Club. A special thanks to 29 Outdoor Gear for donating 3 guns to our raffle, Jerry Kunzman the owner of 29 Outdoor Gear has been a member of Bay Point for many years, please support his gun shop for your firearm needs. His gunsmith Paul is a longtime supporter of Bay Point also.


Our March 17th meeting was the corned beef and cabbage dinner and trophy Awards night this was our annual March meeting it was well-attended 40-plus people showed up, there were many Award winners for the trophies. See meeting notes below for award winners. Our next meeting is April 3rd Tuesday it will be a potluck dinner bring which you enjoy whether a main course, side dish, dessert or salad we will have shooting before the meeting from 5 to 6 p.m.


Bay Point Spring Skeet league 2018 will start Thursday night April 19th and Monday night April 23rd. both leagues will skip shooting Memorial Day weekend and end early June. I will contact 2017 team captains to see who is returning. Info flyer will be posted in April. There are openings in both leagues, anyone wanting to shoot in either skeet league contact me at:


R&P range: The 2 estimates for the full range came back at $7.2m and $5.7m, 1 bidder made a presentation to USI BOD for a modified range at $2.6m that eliminated dividing walls, some baffles, range building and bullet traps (it was the only bid that showed itemized pricing on bid). The BOD was asked to open bidding to Design/Build contractors- they would build the range at our budget of $1.8m but using their designs and methods. One design/build contractor has made a presentation that they could build range at $1.8m. when I asked him how and what he would do to build range for $1.8m, his response was USI would need to sign a  contract first before he would tell us how they would build range (sorry but no)… no guarantee on target range length (100yards rifle, 50 feet pistol) how many shooting stations, or even a range building, not to mention safety baffles or what would eliminate blue sky shooting. This was also the same contractor that bid $7.2m, how do you go from 7.2 to 1.8 ??

Range plans are in process of being altered to show a phase 1 and 2 building process, phase 1 now and phase 2 in future.

The phase 1 plan includes range building (ADA compliant), rifle shed 26’x280’ (43 benches) 100 yard range, pistol shed 26’x280’ (60 benches) 50 foot range, 2 rows of baffles on pistol, on rifle also but looking at extended eyebrows on rifle if there is cost savings (the negative is it would be a sitdown rifle range, I prefer the baffle system as it lets shooters stand or sit). The pistol berm and rifle target area would have a ballistic sand/ fine gravel as a backstop.

I am at range regularly, if you want updates ask me, if you want to see plans ask.

Any contractors or tradesmen that have experience in the type of construction planned, you thoughts and experienced opinions are valuable to USI’s future let me know what you think.

There are plenty of rumors and personal opinions being circulated about the range rebuild, some things you hear or read may not be true, some could be true or a variation of the truth with opinions tossed in, spreading any rumors could be detrimental to the development and future of the range.

Multi-Purpose Range: The MPR is getting more and more use. The range is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during regular business hours, check the USI website for updates or call clubhouse. Check-in at the clubhouse office to pay your fees and to have your safety-card checked, then proceed to the MPR, where the RSO will assign a shooting bench. Please come out and shoot 22’s. 22 LR rim-fire ONLY

Our next meeting is April 3rd Tuesday it will be a potluck dinner bring which you enjoy whether a main course, side dish, dessert or salad we will have shooting before the meeting from 5 to 6 p.m.


Enjoy your club, get out and shoot.

Sorry this newsletter was late getting out this month, only got range bid info on 3/30.


Best Regards,


Peter Llama

President Bay Point R&G Club



Minutes from March 17th, 2018 General Meeting

The meeting was attended by a total of 30 members and club officers, including one new member.  Two guests also attended the meeting. President Llama called the meeting to order at 8:00  p.m.

Secretary Millan read the Board of Director’s roll.  Peter Llama, Laura Shaw, Teresa Buckner and Lana Stefanac were in attendance.

The February 2018 meeting minutes were approved as issued.

Treasurer’s Report: President Llama

President Llama reported that the club’s finances are in order and the Club is solvent and financially sound.

Club Membership Report

No report.





Committee Reports


Skeet League is starting up April 19th and 23rd. We are still looking for a Skeet/Trap Chairman.  Tom Heath and Gary LeRoy did not report any progress on organizing an event at Bird’s Landing.

Hunting Report

No report.


Trap Report

No report.


Fishing Report: Neil Bennesen

A July fishing trip is in the planning stages.  Neil Bennesen is leading the effort.

Old Business:

The annual Crab Feed was held Saturday  March 3rd and was a resounding success, with 113 tickets sold.  29 Outdoor Gear (Operated by BP member Jerry Kunzman, and located in American Canyon, 707-647-2511) donated three guns that were raffled.


Gary LeRoy gave out chevrons and Jacket trophy awards as follows:


John Rosales,1st – Black Marlin

Stacy Rosales, 2nd- Wahoo

Tom Kirkwood, 1st – Dungeness Crab, 1st – Vermillion Cod, 1st – Rock Crab, 2nd- Ling Cod

Erin Thrall,1st- Black Crappie, 2nd- Largemouth Bass

Mike Thrall, 1st- Largemouth Bass, 2nd- Black Crappie, 1st- Scaled Quail, 1st- Chukar, 1st- Opossum

Ron McCurry, 1st- King Salmon out of state

Dorothy Bayer, 1st- Wahoo, 1st- Red Fox,

Teresa Buckner, 1st- Ling Cod

Lana Stefanic, 1st- Halibut

David Scholz,1st- Northern Pintail,1st- Turkey Beard, 1st- Pheasant tail, 2nd- Halibut, 2nd- Salmon, 2nd- Salmon

out of state

Neil Benessen,  1st- Salmon, 2nd- Pheasant Tail, 2nd- Snow Goose

Kim Benessen,  1st- Snow Goose

Gary LeRoy,      1st- Striper, 1st- Widgeon, 1st- Greenwing Teal, 2nd- Northern Pintail and, for out of state: 1st-

Mule Deer, 1st- Antelope, 1st- Axis Deer, 1st- Whitetail Deer, 1st- Coyote

Richard Holmes, 1st- Coot

John Thomas, 1st- Ross Goose, 1st- White Fronted Goose

Ken Pastega,    1st- Elk out of state, 1st- Blacktail Deer, 2nd-Blacktail Deer

New Business:

Bob Galloway motioned that BP’s representative to the USI Board of Directors ask that USI generate a report regarding compliance with the new California requirements for ammunition sales licensing. .  The motion as seconded by Secretary Millan, and a vote was taken, it passed with 17 yeas.

Teresa Buckner motioned that BP’s representative to the USI Board of Directors ask that USI provide to Bay Point copies of the Rifle Pistol Construction bid request documents and all written bids submitted by contractors.  The motion was seconded by Secretary Millan, and a vote was taken.  The motion passed with 20 yeas and zero nays.


Good of the Club:


The Bay Point Rod and Gun Club is asking for volunteers to participate in a community outreach to teach gun safety and shooting skills to interested but un-initiated members of the public at large.

President Llama adjourned the General Meeting at 8:53 PM.


Board of Directors’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 pm by President Llama.  President Peter Llama, Vice President Laura Shaw, secretary Rudy Millan, Treasurer Teresa Buckner and Membership Chairperson Lana Stephanic were present.

Newly appointed Membership Chairman Lana Stefanac and Club Treasurer Teresa Buckner were not in attendance, and President Llama indicated he would call them to remind them of the BOD meeting schedule.

President Llama will meet with Treasurer Teresa Buckner and Membership Chairperson Lana Stephanic next week to transfer all appropriate documentation and authorities for their positions.

President Llama adjourned the B.O.D. Meeting at 9:12 PM.

President – Peter Llama
Vice President – Laura Shaw
Secretary – Rudy Millan
Treasurer – Teresa Buckner
Membership – Lana Stephanic

Club Mailing Address:
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club
P.O. Box 535
Concord, CA 94522


Club Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
From L-R: Director Ken Pastega, President Peter Llama, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Director Dorothy Bayer, Secretary Rudy Millan,
Vice President Laura Shaw, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, and Director Richard Holmes.