May 2018

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Message from the President:


Dear Fellow Members:

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is just around the corner June 18th.

Our May meeting was well attended, our June meeting is our club elections meeting, our July meeting falls on July 3rd this year, the Bay Point Board as in years past is rescheduling our JULY meeting to SATURDAY JULY 7th at 6pm, shooting before meeting 5-6pm. Our dinner theme is to celebrate Independence day, hamburger’s and hot dogs, more info in next month’s newsletter.

Bay Point Skeet League will finish up in June, we have a lot of people enjoying evening shooting on Thursday and Monday night’s, some nights are nice … some are chilly, but everyone is having fun. Skeet league teams, schedules and standings have been posted on Bay Point website for the past few weeks, team shooters are enjoying the information updates.

Bay Point club elections are coming up at our June 5th meeting, officer and directors positions are available, see more info below in recap of May meeting minutes. Contact Nominating Chairman Richard Holmes if you are interested 925- 626-4442  or

R&P range update:

AECOM and SDG are in final stages of plan revisions for submittal to USI BOD for final approval. USI design committee  has interviewed prospective project managers (PM) for USI R&P range renovation and recommended John Stegler to the USI BOD as their preferred PM choice. At the May 14th USI meeting John presented his background and construction

experience and why he was qualified for the PM position to the USI Board and corporate officers. After some questions and answers with the USI Board, a motion was made to hire John, vote was 3-2 in favor of him being our project PM. After numerous conversations and meetings with John I think we’re in capable hands to rebuild R&P ranges as our own general contractor under our original budget. As of now range plans show 60 pistol and 43 rifle shooting positions, 4   foot wide pistol bays and 6 foot wide rifle bays, 50 foot pistol and 100 yard rifle distances. Shooting sheds will be 27 feet deep, there will be 2 rows of baffles on each range to eliminate blue sky shooting.

The best source of truthful range renovation information is from the people on the USI design committee and involved Board members. Too many unfounded rumors and personal “opinions” that are not based on truth and facts. I hope to have a range update at our June 5th meeting.

Multi-Purpose Range: The MPR is getting more and more use. The range is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during regular business hours, check the USI website for updates or call clubhouse. Check-in at the clubhouse office to pay your fees and to have your safety-card checked, then proceed to the MPR, where the RSO will assign a shooting bench. Please come out and shoot 22’s. 22 LR rim-fire ONLY

Summer is here, weather is better… and not hot yet, enjoy your club.

Peter Llama

President Bay Point R&G Club


Minutes from April3rd, 2018 General Meeting

The meeting was attended by a total of 28 members and club officers and guests.

President Llama called the meeting to order at 8:07 p.m. Ron McCurry led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance. Director Holmes, filling in for Secretary Milan read the Board of Director’s roll call.  Peter Llama, Teresa Buckner, Richard Holmes, Kim Bennesen, Laura Shaw and Lana Stefanac were in attendance.

Absent were Secretary Milan; Director Dorothy Bayer; and Director Pastega. The April 2018 meeting minutes were approved as issued.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02pm.

Treasurer’s Report: President Llama

Treasurer Teresa Buckner reported that the club’s finances are in order and the Club is solvent and financially sound.


Club Membership Report

No report.





Committee Reports

Skeet Report

President Llama announced that Skeet League has begun and will continue through early June.    Alternates are welcome to participate.  We are still looking for a Skeet/Trap Chairman.

Hunting Report:

Pheasant Hunting Director Ed White announced that the club will be purchasing a 20 bird card which will include an extra two birds as a result of the club’s early purchase of the card.  Beginning in August, and continuing through October, 2018 the club will raffle off a total of eleven – two bird cards.  The winning members will pay a $20 fee for the cards to help offset the cost of the bird cards.  Also, as prescribed in the BPRGC’s Policy and Procedures, the club will now be enforcing a sixty day from the time of award (or time from season opening if awarded before opening day) harvest period for anyone who is awarded a card.  If you do not harvest your birds within the allotted period, the bird card will revert back to the club so that it can be re-raffled to other club members.   In this instance the fee paid to the original winner will be refunded.   If you feel you will be unable to harvest your birds within the prescribed timeline please contact Ed White ( so he can take appropriate action and assure that you fee is reimbursed.  Please do not give your awarded bird cards away to other members to fill on your behalf.  The club is attempting to give everyone who would like to win a bird card a fair chance to do so.



Hunting Report

No report.


Trap Report

No report.


Fishing Report:

Neil Bennison reported that the club will be having a fishing trip this year.  The trip is scheduled for August 04, 2018 on the “C Gull II” out of Emeryville.  Lunch will not be provided by the club.  Members will have to provide their own lunch. The club will however provide beer, water and soft drinks.  The cost for members is $115.00 each.  The cost for non- members is $140.00 each.  Salmon off of the coast are being targeted first; however, the option is to fish for Halibut and Striper in the Bay if Salmon are not biting.  Eighteen BPRGC slots are available.  First come first served.  Payment in full needs to be submitted ASAP.   The boat must be filled by July 15, 2018 or BPRGC slots will be opened up to the public.

Payment reserves your spot, not just a name on a sign-up sheet.

Old Business:

President Llama announced that dues for the 2018-2019 membership year are coming due on July 01, 2018.  Please renew your dues as soon as possible.


Mike McIntosh gave an update on the Rifle/Pistol Range Project.    After making some necessary changes to the plans, the USI planning committee is now in “Final Draft” stage.    The revised topographical survey has been completed and is ready to be sent to the excavation company for bid adjustments and scheduling.  All other final documents will soon be ready to forward to the County for final approval.  If all goes well we should be able to “break ground” sometime in late June-early July of this year.

Some of the structural and design changes were reviewed, explained and discussed by President Llama and Mike McIntosh regarding the new range design.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the date reserved by BPRGC for our annual club Crab feed, which is now  scheduled for the first Saturday in February of 2019.  It was stated that this date has been reserved in the past by other clubs who were willing to sponsor the CSSA crab feed fund raiser.  No club sponsored the CSSA crab feed last year, and no club to date has stepped up to the plate to sponsor the CSSA dinner next year.  As CSSA is not a USI member club, CSSA must have a USI member club sponsor it’s event.  BPRGC President Llama and Vice President Shaw reserved this date, as it was determined that this would be beneficial to the Club and it’s crab feed.  After considerable discussion, a motion to table this issue was made by Laura Shaw and was seconded by Richard Holmes.  The motion to table the issue was passed.

New Business:


President Llama opened the floor for BPRGC BOD nominations for the 2018-2019 year.

Kim Bennison and Laura Shaw will be stepping down from their respective positions on the BOD. Gary Leroy was nominated for the position of Director.  The nomination was accepted.

Teresa Buckner was nominated for the position of Vice President.  The nomination was accepted.

Officers and Directors currently holding a position on the Board do not need to be nominated if they intend to run in the upcoming election.

Nominations are open to eligible members until the elections are held in June.

The nomination and election and committee consist of:  Secretary Milan, Vice President Shaw, Director Holmes and Membership Chairman Lana Stefanac.  If you would like to run for a position please contact any member of the nomination  committee.


Good of the Club:

The Bay Point Rod and Gun Club Board of Directors reminds our members to help in the kitchen and to bring a plate of food to be shared at each future meeting.


Board of Directors’ Meeting

President Llama called the meeting to order at 9:00 PM.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm.

Present were President Llama, Vice President Shaw, Treasurer Buckner, Membership Chair Stefanac, Director Benisson and Director Holmes.  Absent were Secretary Milan, Director Pastega and Director Bayer.

The BOD confirmed the nomination and election and committee consisting of:  Secretary Milan, Vice President Shaw, Director Holmes and Membership Chairman Lana Stefanac.

The lack of volunteerism within the club was discussed.  There is a need for new volunteers in the kitchen for both preparation and clean-up.  The BOD is exploring new ideas that will hopefully attract more volunteers.    Laura Shaw has taken most of these duties upon herself.  She cannot and should not have to be the only person bearing the majority of these responsibilities.  Laura will be stepping down as Vice President next year and will also be doing far less volunteer work.  She needs, and has earned a sabbatical from these important duties.  Laura Shaw was asked to be a BPRGC Director, and she said she will consider it.

It was decided that the club will provide an Italian style dinner for the June 05, 2018.

A motion was made to postpone the July meeting to Saturday July 07, 2018.  The motion was seconded by Richard Holmes, the motion passed unanimously. The club will provide hamburgers and hot dogs for the July 07, 2018 dinner.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to direct President Llama to check on the availability of the second week of February, 2019 for the BPRGC annual crab feed.  President Llama stated that he will comply with the motion.

Reminder:  The BPRGC elections will occur on June 05, 2018.

President – Peter Llama
Vice President – Laura Shaw
Secretary – Rudy Millan
Treasurer – Teresa Buckner
Membership – Lana Stephanic

Club Mailing Address:
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club
P.O. Box 535
Concord, CA 94522


Club Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
From L-R: Director Ken Pastega, President Peter Llama, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Director Dorothy Bayer, Secretary Rudy Millan,
Vice President Laura Shaw, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, and Director Richard Holmes.