JUNE 2017

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Message from the President:


Dear Fellow Members,

Summer is here and I hope all our members and family are enjoying themselves and staying cool.

Our June election meeting was well attended, our Board has some new members as Secretary John Thomas and director Neil Bennesen stepped down, I want to thank them both for their many years of dedicated service and commitment to Bay Point R&G. New Board members are Rudy Millan –club secretary, Rich Holmes and Ken Pastega are directors, all other officers and directors are returning. Neil will continue to be our fishing chairman. We need skeet/trap and beverage chairpersons, and we always need help in kitchen before and after club functions. Bay Point needs volunteers to help our club functions to be enjoyable to all.

Our July meeting has been changed to Saturday July 8th. Bay Point and Brentwood Clubs are having a late 4th of July get together so more members may attend (weeknight traffic is impacting members attending meetings for many USI clubs), the skeet and trap fields will be open from 5-6pm for members and guests to shoot before the meeting. The clubs will be providing the main course, pot-luck for sides and dessert.   See Laura’s VP message below for more details.      

R&P range: no major updates at this time, the latest R&P plans are available at USI clubhouse for all members to view. USI planning group made plan corrections and revisions to those plans that AECOM is working on, we are hoping to have revised plans in July for USI Board to review and possibly approve final plans before submittal to County planning for review.  As stated in past newsletters “stories on the porch” are NOT always true as to direction and planning of R&P, multi-purpose and action pistol ranges, don’t always believe what you hear.  

Enjoy your club, we are striving to make it more enjoyable for all members.

Best Regards,

Peter Llama
President Bay Point R&G Club

Peter Llama


Message from the Vice-President:

Dear Members,

There was such a great turn out at the past meeting I sure hope it continues. With the 4th of July being the date of our next scheduled meeting we are moving the meeting to Saturday, July 8th. The club will be supplying Kinder’s Ball Tips and Rotisserie Chicken and beverages for all attendees.

Please, please email me at vpbaypoint@gmail.com if you will be attending and how many. This is important so I will be able to order enough for all!

If your last name is A-N bring a side dish with you and if your last name is 0-Z please bring a dessert.

Check the time and dates in the President’s message and some fun things for this July meeting.

A couple of other important items that we all need to think about, if we would share in clean up duties after the meetings it would be a good thing for the same people end up cleaning up month after month; please volunteer.

The club is also in need of a beverage person I know someone really wants to do this, it’s not difficult so if you are interested please email me at vpbaypoint@gmail.com and I can fill you in on the details.

Everyone keep cool and keep shooting!

Thank you,

Laura Shaw
Vice-President Bay Point R&G Club

Minutes from June 6th, 2017 General Meeting

President Peter Llama called the meeting to order at 7:50 p.m. There were 52 members in attendance. Rudy Millan led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Board roll call was done and in attendance were Peter Llama, Laura Shaw, John Thomas, Tiffany Lantz, Kim Bennesen, Neil Bennesen, David Kasimatis and Dorothy Bayer.

There were a number of new members this month and they were all acknowledged and welcomed to the club.

There were no corrections to be made to the May meeting minutes, and they were thus approved as issued.

Treasurer’s Report: Tiffany Lantz

Tiffany reported that we had a profit in May of $2200, which came primarily from new and renewed membership dues.

Club Membership Report: David Kasimatis

David briefed that club membership currently stands at 430 full members, 169 associates, and 33 life members for a total of 632.



Committee Reports

Skeet Report

The Monday and Thursday night skeet league is wrapping up. Plans are in the works for a fall league starting in late October and running into November. There are also plans for a trap and skeet shoot in August or September. Stay tuned for further details.

Trap Report

No report.

Fishing Report: Chairman Neil Bennesen

Neil reported that as of June 6th, there were only 3 people signed up for the Bay Point saltwater fishing trip on Saturday, July 29th aboard the C-Gull II out of the Emeryville Sport Fishing Marina. There is a $100 fee for club members and $125 for non-members. The first 18 people to get their money in to Neil will be guaranteed a spot on the boat. The boat leaves the dock at 6:00 AM, so be there early to get your spot. The club will be providing sandwiches, beverages and snacks. If you plan to go on this trip you will need to have a fishing license. If you don’t have one, or if you need fishing tackle, please contact Neil @ (925) 698-0820.

Old Business:    

Regarding the issue of member inspection rights of the membership list and all contact info, we are still awaiting word back from our attorney. In the meantime, if any member wishes to specifically have their contact info made unavailable to other members, please send an email to the club Secretary (secretary@baypointrodandgun.com) stating such.

A representative from the Blue Star Moms will be attending the July meeting to make a presentation and request for a club donation to further their cause.

The election of club officers and directors was held. Each position had only one person running for it, so no voting needed to be done. Mike McCurry made a motion for a white ballot, Neal Taylor seconded the motion. The vote was a unanimous YES. The Officers and Directors for the 2017-2018 year are: President Peter Llama, VP Laura Shaw, Secretary Rudy Millan, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, Director Dorothy Bayer, Director Richard Holmes, and Director Ken Pastega. All Officers and Directors were sworn in by John Thomas.

New Business:

John Bruhl made a motion that Bay Point appropriate $1000 to have AECOM (the architectural company working on the USI rifle & pistol ranges remodel) provide an assessment of the ricochet potential of .22 caliber rim fire ammo from the member’s range (multi-purpose range). The motion was seconded by Rudy Millan. Discussion followed. Rudy Millan motioned to amend John Bruhl’s motion to include a blue sky assessment. Richard Holmes seconded this motion. Further discussion, then a call for the vote = 40 YES, 7 NO. Motion to amend was approved. Further discussion on the amended motion and then a call for the vote = 22 YES, 23 NO. Motion failed. President Llama proposed to have John Bruhl speak to the USI Board at their upcoming meeting.

RIFLE/PISTOL RANGE RENOVATION: Our architect AECOM is still in progress on range designs and designs for the range building. We should have more advanced plans within a week for the June USI Board meeting.

Good of the Club:

There will be a North Delta Conservancy Fun Shoot at Birds Landing Sporting Clays on Sunday, June 25th. Registration begins at 9:00AM and shooting at 9:30AM.

PLEASE NOTE: As our regular club meeting for July would fall on the 4th, and many people will be otherwise involved, our next scheduled club meeting will be on Saturday, July 8th.  Please see the President’s and Vice President’s messages at the beginning of this newsletter for details regarding the meeting and dinner plans.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Board of Directors’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:07pm by Peter Llama. Present were Laura Shaw, John Thomas, Tiffany Lantz, Kim Bennesen, Neil Bennesen, Dorothy Bayer, David Kasimatis and Richard Holmes.

David asked Peter to emphasize the need for clean-up help at the end of the meetings.

Peter congratulated the new officers and board directors.

John suggested to Peter that we organize some trap and/or skeet shoots throughout the summer and fall.

Neil reiterated that the first 18 people to get their fishing trip money turned in (not just putting their name on the sign-up list), will be guaranteed a spot on the boat. So far there have only been 3 people signed up.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.


Unless you possess a multi-year membership that does not expire this June, your current membership will expire on June 30, 2017. The club gives its members a 1-month grace period, until July 31, to renew their membership without penalty. Memberships renewed after July 31 are subject to a $25 initiation fee, per our club bylaws. Please realize that although the Bay Point club gives you a grace period to renew your membership after it expires on June 30th, USI does not give member pricing for shooting or ammo to anyone with an expired membership.

Avoid any penalty and send in your renewal dues now. It is as simple as filling in the form below and mailing it back to the club Membership Director along with your dues. Dues are $25 per year for full membership, $1 per year for each associate membership (spouse/partner, and children under age 18). If you are a current member of the NRA, your membership dues reduce to $20 per full membership. Just include a copy of your current NRA membership card as evidence.

Membership Director, PO Box 535, Concord CA 94522. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.



President – Peter Llama
Vice President – Laura Shaw
Secretary – John Thomas
Treasurer – Tiffany Lantz
Membership – Dave Kasimatis

Club Mailing Address:
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club
P.O. Box 535
Concord, CA 94522


Club Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
From L-R: Director Ken Pastega, President Peter Llama, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Director Dorothy Bayer, Secretary Rudy Millan,
Vice President Laura Shaw, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, and Director Richard Holmes.