June 2019

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Message from the President

Dear Fellow Members,

Sorry this June newsletter is late getting out.-
Summer is here and I hope all our members and family are enjoying themselves and staying cool.
Our June election meeting was well attended, our Board has been re-elected for the 2019-2020 term(see June meeting minutes below). Life members Gary LeRoy and Chuck Willert have stepped up to be our fishing co-chairman. We need skeet/trap and beverage chairpersons, and we always need help in kitchen before, during and after club functions. Bay Point needs members to volunteer to help our club functions to be enjoyable to all.

Our July meeting has been moved to Sunday July 14th. Bay Point monthly meetings are being moved to the second sunday of each month so more members may attend (weeknight traffic is impacting members attending meetings for many USI clubs), the skeet and trap fields will be open from 5-6pm for members  to shoot before the meeting. The club will be providing Tri-Tip the main course, members please bring side dishes, salads and dessert to share with everyone.

R&P range:  The Rifle Pistol range renovation project is coming along well as you see when driving into USI,

 March 18th




Looks Good…
As you have seen in prior newsletters (or if you visit  USI), the ground grading, concrete shooting slabs, steel building were installed, currently the shooting shed construction is mostly done, still waiting for some roofing/gutter bids to come in, if anyone can refer a roofer – have them contact me. PG&E is due on Monday July 15th to reroute their 12kv power line that is under the planned new range office building, once PG&E is done the dirt and concrete work will proceed for the new USI R&P range office. More info in the July newsletter as construction progresses
We are asking all members of all clubs to not go into the construction area which is the rifle pistol parking lot or on the range itself, if you are in the construction business and would like to offer your expertise and thoughts please send me an email to initiate communication, we value all the professional input and help you may offer.
The multi-purpose range MPR is getting good use with the 22 rimfire shooters it is open Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays call Clubhouse for more info.

Bay Point Fishing Trip:  Bay Point R&G Club has booked the C-Gull II on Saturday August 10th,  

From Gary LeRoy “This trip as of now is a good bet hopefully for Salmon, if we’re lucky the bay fishing will still be good, news to follow…
Ok, first 20 people to sign up and pay are going. Bay Point Club members get 3 weeks to sign up by email then we open it to other clubs and friends to fill the roster, after 3 weeks it will be posted at USI clubhouse to fill any open spots.

Cost is $130.00 per person. The club is providing beverages, bring your own lunch and snacks if you would like to attend send me an email   president@baypointrodandgun.com  Or Fishing Chairman Gary LeRoy gleroy1952@yahoo.com

The multi-purpose range : MPR is getting good use with the 22 rimfire shooters it is open Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays call Clubhouse for more info.

A reminder that Club membership renewals were due by the end of June, USI WILL NOT extend member privileges (range use, ammo prices –etc) without a valid membership card. Our grace period to renew ends July 31st
Membership renewal info is on Club Website, renewals available up to 3 years. Make Checks out to   BAY POINT ROD & GUN

Our next club meeting is August 11th Sunday.
Enjoy your club, we are striving to make it more enjoyable for all members.

Best Regards, 

Peter Llama
President Bay Point R&G Club

Bay Point Rod and Gun Club Meeting 6/04/19

President Llama called the meeting to order at 7:40 P.M.
Vice President Brophy led the Pledge of allegiance.
Roll Call: President Llama, Vice President Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins, and director LeRoy were present as were 20 members…See sign-in sheet.

New member Bob Heaston was introduced and welcomed.

The minutes were read and approved, motion by Brophy w/2nd by LeRoy

Treasurer’s report:  Patelco:    $89,000.00
Wells Fargo Business checking: $8,531.69
Wells Fargo Business Savings: $588.51
New membership money: $224.50
Treasurer’s report was approved, Motion by LeRoy w/2nd by Brophy.

Correspondence: None

Unfinished Business: None

Committee reports:
President Llama reported on the current skeet league & the plans for our fall skeet league.
A trap league was discussed, but there was no real interest as of yet.
Director LeRoy of the Trophy Committee gave a brief report and reminded us that all trophy claims should be submitted to him.

Old Business/New Business:
Mike McIntosh, of the Election Committee, reported a White Ballot and motioned for the 2019-2020 election of officers. Barry Cunningham gave the second. The vote was unanimous. Subsequently, Ron McCurry, also of the election committee, swore in: President Peter Llama, Vice President Richard Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins, and Director Gary LeRoy.
Ron McCurry then asked for volunteers to fill in as Membership Chairman and members of the Board of Directors…No takers.
There was a reminder that as of July all club meetings will be held on the second Sunday of the month.

Gary LeRoy volunteered to serve as the new Fishing Chairman and was promptly accepted as such.

The dinner for July’s meeting will be tri-tip with members to provide the side dishes.

Good of the Club: The new requirement for steel shot in upland bird hunting was talked about.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.

Bay Point Rod & Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting  6/04/19

Roll call: Officers Llama, Brophy, Collins, Collins, & LeRoy were present as were members Vencill and Cunningham.
There was discussion about our bylaws being distributed electronically and that future Board of Directors meetings be held on the same day as, but prior to, the general membership meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


The current Bay Point 2019-2020 Board:
President- Peter Llama
Vice-President- Richard Brophy
Secretary- Edward Collins
Treasurer- Jacquelyn Collins
Director- Dorothy Bayer – Life member   
Director- Gary LeRoy – Life member   

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