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Message from the President:


Dear Fellow Members:

Hope everyone is enjoying our warm fall weather, cooler weather will be here soon. Novermber is fast approaching and December will be here too soon. Please come out to Bay Point club meeting on Nov 7th, at the October meeting club members voted to return to free shooting before meetings (5-6pm). The Joe Calum turkey shoot is on Sat November 18th, Joe has many trap shooting contests for shooters to win turkeys, see flyer on website. Our December meeting on Tuesday the 5th will be not be held as we are having our annual club Christmas Dinner on saturday December 9th we are again combining our party with the Brentwood club, as in past years we are doing a toy drive for the “Toys for Travis” program. more info in the November newsletter.

R&P range: The Bay Point, Brentwood, Concord, and Diablo clubs are continuing to cooperate to move the project forward. We have just received the 90% draft design package for the Rifle and Pistol Ranges, and are reviewing them (there are over 31 pages). The plans show there will be 67 pistol and 43 rifle shooting positions, pistol range will be 304’ wide, rifle 279’ wide total 583 feet north to south, the old facility was 240’ and 240’=480 by eliminating the north berm and the berm between the ranges we have added 103’ of usable bench positions. We still expect to be able to complete and open the ranges for shooting late spring/early summer 2018.

Multi-Purpose Range: 22 LR rim-fire ONLY. The range is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during regular business hours, check the USI website for updates or call clubhouse. Check-in at the clubhouse office to pay your fees and to have your safety-card checked, then proceed to the MPR, where the RSO will assign a shooting bench. Please come out and shoot 22’s, the weather is perfect.

I want to thank Ron McCurry for stepping up as our club beverage chairman, we always need volunteers to help at meetings and events to make our club functions enjoyable for all.

Our next meeting Tuesday November 7th, will be Italian dinner theme, the club will provide Lasagna. Please attend and bring a favorite side or dessert to share with other members.

Best Regards, Peter Llama

President Bay Point R&G Club



Minutes from October 3rd, 2017 General Meeting

The Tuesday, October 3rd  meeting was attended by a total of 28 members and club officers plus one guest. President Llama called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Secretary  Millan  read  the  Board  of  Directors  roll  call.  Peter  Llama,  Laura  Shaw,  Rudy  Millan,  Kenny  Pastega,  David Kasimatis, Kim Bennesen and Dorothy Bayer were in attendance.


The August meeting minutes were approved as issued.


President Llama gave the membership an update on the R&P/ MPR upgrades.  He encouraged the membership to use the now open MPR.  He noted that that MPR is open for rim-fire .22 shooting only (check the USI website for updates). See his message above for more details, including an update on the design of the R/P Range.


Ed White continues his service to the club as Pheasant Chairman, he can be reached at 925 687-5788.  He held this year’s second Pheasant Raffle.  It appears that being named “Mike” was a great advantage this time: the winners were Mike McIntosh, Mike Thrall, Bill Ott and Mike Armstrong.


President Llama adjourned the meeting at 8:35pm

Treasurer’s Report: President Llama 

Our Treasurer Tiffany Lantz is still hospitalized with a serious ailment. President Llama reported that Checking and Savings account balances at Wells Fargo Bank now total $12,848.25, and the Patelco CDs total $86,634.25.

Club Membership Report: David Kasimatis

David briefed that there were 3 new members since last month.  Membership currently stands at 491 full members, 191 associates, and 33 life members.



No correspondence was received since the August meeting.

Committee Reports 

Skeet Report

Fall Skeet League is now in full swing.  It started September 25, and will run every Thursday through the second week of November. There are 42 paid participants, and some of the squads have less than 5 members, so there are opportunities for those who would like to sub-in.

Trap Report

No report.


Fishing Report: Chairman Neil Bennesen

No club events occurred. Not much happening. The season is winding down, and none of the Emeryville boats were sold out.

Old Business:

In response to procedural objections to contributing to the Blue Star Moms raised by John and Tammy Thomas during the August Bay Point R&G Club General Membership meeting, Secretary Millan researched the matter, and advised the membership that there is a need to revise section 1.03 of the Bay Point Rod and Gun Club to bring the Bylaws into alignment with the Club’s historical practices. For years, the Club has supported and held events in support of Hunting, Fishing, our Troops or our Veterans, all of which are dear to the majority our Club’s members, but are technically prohibited by the Bylaws (section 1.03 forbids the Club from participating in any un-listed activities, and none of those are listed).  After some discussion during the September meeting, Secretary Millan made a motion (which was seconded by Ron McCurry) to modify the section by inserting the bold  text as shown in the excerpt shown below (the black italic text is the existing text, and will not be altered if the motion is approved):


…by promoting, fostering and perpetuating the sport of rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting, archery, hunting, fishing, first aid, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, conservation of all natural resources, supporting the state and federal   fish and game laws, supporting our service members and veterans, and arranging for facilities where these objectives can be accomplished.  The Corporation shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise of power that are not in furtherance of the purpose of the Corporation…


As required by the Bay Point Bylaws, a modification to the Bylaws must be read to the general membership during three consecutive Club meetings prior to holding a vote for approval.  The second reading occurred during the October meeting, and the a vote for approval will be held during the November meeting.



New Business:

Steve Smith made a motion to reinstate free shooting before meetings.  The motion was seconded by Rudy Millan, and approved by a 12:3 vote of those attending.


The December meeting will be held at the clubhouse, as a joint Christmas dinner with the Brentwood Rod and Gun Club December 9th.


Good of the Club:

Rod Guyette attended the meeting to thank Bay Point for our contribution and informed the membership of the progress of his youth shooting program.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 7th.  Generic  Potluck,  and  the  Club  will  supply  Lasagna.  Please attend and bring a favorite main dish, side or dessert (particularly French bread)to share  with  other members.

Board of Directors’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 pm by President Llama. Peter Llama, Laura Shaw, Rudy Millan, Kenny Pastega, David Kasimatis, Kim Bennesen and Dorothy Bayer were present.

Ken Pastega inquired as to the progress in the acquisition of Dragon Recorder/Software.  None so far. Ron McCurry volunteered to be the Beverage Chairman.

Membership Chairman Kaismatis expressed difficulty with the task of issuing and mailing out membership cards during the renewal period, as it is very laborious.  He will consult with Chris Payne to see if the Diablo R&G Club has a more efficient method that we can institute.

It was pointed out that the Baypoint Veteran’s Shoot sign-up sheet that was posted in the clubhouse announcement board has been modified, making the event a Walnut Creek Sportsmen Club event.  President Llama will look into the matter and bring it up at the next USI Board of Directors meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.



President – Peter Llama
Vice President – Laura Shaw
Secretary – John Thomas
Treasurer – Tiffany Lantz
Membership – Dave Kasimatis

Club Mailing Address:
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club
P.O. Box 535
Concord, CA 94522


Club Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
From L-R: Director Ken Pastega, President Peter Llama, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Director Dorothy Bayer, Secretary Rudy Millan,
Vice President Laura Shaw, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, and Director Richard Holmes.