January 2020

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Message from the President

Dear Fellow Members,
Winter is still here, Spring is getting close, and the weather is finally beginning to warm up a little during the day, making outdoor activities more pleasant. I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and New Year.

The HANGOVER OPEN on New Year’s Day was enjoyed by all attendees, Ed Collins, Rick Brophy were the head chefs in the kitchen prepping breakfast, many other people volunteered in the kitchen and helped run the event. Richard Fukatsu was high score with a 98 out of 100

CRAB FEED is coming up MARCH 7th

Contact Laura Shaw 925-848-8059  or Pete Llama 925-765-2701 for CRAB FEED tickets

Many Thanks to Laura Shaw for volunteering to be our Crab Feed chairperson for our 2020 Bay Point Club Crab Feed.

R&P range: The Rifle Pistol range project is coming to the finish line, all construction is DONE as you have seen if you have visited USI lately, and see in pictures below the shooting sheds, downrange baffles, the range office building are done, even the roadway and parking is repainted. Still finishing the details, It’s “like furnishing a new house-until you walk in and see where things should go, things may need adjustments we are working as diligently as possible to OPEN THE DOORS” when all customer & business operations related issues are resolved we will announce a date to open to members and public- it will be in February.


We are asking all members of all clubs to NOT GO INTO the construction area which is the rifle pistol parking lot or on the R & P range itself until we are done, if you would like a tour ask me or Leita Stevens R&P range manager.

As always we need all the help we can get in the kitchen before and after each meeting. Please pitch-in to help make our club functions enjoyable to all.
Enjoy your club! Your Board of Directors and volunteers at Bay Point Rod and Gun Club are striving to make it better all the time.

The multi-purpose range : MPR is getting good use with the 22 rimfire shooters it is open Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays call Clubhouse for more info

Best Regards, 

Peter Llama
President Bay Point R&G Club

Message from the Bay Point Club Secretary,

Usually this newsletter covers important events and such stuff involving the Bay Point Rod and Gun Club, however since I’m new at writing newsletters you will just have take what you get and like it. So, there!

First off, I want to address the Crab Feed March 7th.  We will be selling 110 tickets at the bargain price of $65.00.  We will also sell four youth tickets and four non-crab tickets at $30.00 each.  The menu will be fresh crab, pasta, shrimp cocktail, salad, garlic bread and dessert.  There will also be wine at each table, bring a special bottle of your own if you wish.  Roasted chicken will substitute for crab on those non-crab tickets.  Laura Shaw is putting this feed together and she could really use some help getting donations for the raffle.

What’s in the works?  Well, President Llama is planning the Spring Skeet League as I write this.  It’ll be a seven-week caper starting in late April on Monday or Thursday nights, get your 5 squad mates together.  There is also serious talk of a Spring Trap League on Tuesday nights starting in April…Here is good news.  It seems that the Rifle and Pistol ranges could be open in mid-February!  Leita Stevens is the new Rifle/Pistol Range Manager, she needs RSO’s to help run the range, contact her or Pete Llama.

Congratulations to Concord Club member, Jack Bernardi.  He hit an NSSA milestone by shooting 75,000 registered skeet targets.  Jack has helped my grandson and me improve our scores and it’s nice to see him get some recognition at the National level.

Congratulations also go to Bay Point Member L.A. Taylor.  He made it onto the ATA Golden State Trap Team.  It is quite an honor.

If you haven’t tried USI’s five-stand you have been missing a great time.  Eric Juhl, Ed Mena, Mike Johnson and the rest of the Up-the-Hill Crew have put together a course that is just damn fun. However, it is tough, a real challenge.  One man shot it using a brand new Platinum Diana Grade 9 Kolar and left so frustrated that he couldn’t segregate his adjectives for an hour.  When he finally got his wits back he vowed that he’d run barefoot through downtown San Francisco before he’d shoot five-stand again. Get up there and enjoy five-stand

The meeting next month will be February 9th and the dinner theme will be Winter Winner Chicken Dinner. As usual the club will provide the chicken plus a few odds and ends, but we ask that the members bring a side dish, salads and desserts to fill the bill.  Jackie Collins has volunteered to bring her famous Turnip Marshmallow Oyster Surprise…it goes well with a fine white wine.

Ed Collins
Bay Point Club Secretary

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Bay Point Rod & Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting

President Llama called the meeting to order at 6:10 P.M.
Roll Call: President Llama, Vice President Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins and Laura Shaw, Chair of the Crab Feed Committee, were present.

The topic was the crab feed on March 7th… In two weeks, the club will sell 110 tickets at $65.00 each. Of those tickets 4 youth & 4 non-crab tickets will be offered at $30.00 each. The dinner will include crab, pasta, garlic bread, and shrimp cocktails. Roasted chicken will be served for the people choosing to go non-crab. As it stands right now, Vice President Brophy will be the Master of Ceremonies. However, the consensus was that giving our dear V.P. a microphone would be like giving a Peeping Tom Visine.

The BOD meeting was adjourned 6:30 P.M.


Bay Point Rod & Gun Club Membership Meeting

President Llama called the meeting to order at 7:40 P.M.
Vice President Brophy led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: President Llama, Vice President Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins, were present as were 10 club members.
Minutes: Secretary Ed Collins read the minutes from our last club meeting. These minutes were approved.
Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Jackie Collins reported that the Wells Fargo business checking account is at $8,496.16.  The Wells Fargo business savings account is at $588.60 and our Patelco Business Savings account is at $89,000.00. The report was approved.

Correspondence: None

New Members/Guests: none
Committee Reports: President Llama reported that the Fall Skeet League ended with Rocky Romo as the HOA. He also reported that Spring Skeet League will begin in April…There was discussion about a Spring Trap League and, though tentative, it seems likely that it will be a 7 week Tuesday night event beginning in April.
Laura Shaw talked about the Crab Feed. She plans to sell 110 tickets at $65.00 each. Eight of these tickets will be reserved for youth and people who can’t eat crab. Those tickets will be sold at $30.00 each.  The menu will be crab, pasta, shrimp cocktails, and garlic bread. Laura reported that she has enough help to put on the dinner, but could use a lot more help getting donations for the raffle.

New Business: None.

Old Business: None

Unfinished Business: President Llama reported that the Rifle & Pistol Ranges should be opened in the middle of February.

Good of the Club: President Llama introduced Leita Stevens. She will be our new Rifle & Pistol Range Manager.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.


The current Bay Point 2019-2020 Board:
President- Peter Llama
Vice-President- Richard Brophy
Secretary- Edward Collins
Treasurer- Jacquelyn Collins
Director- Dorothy Bayer – Life member   
Director- Gary LeRoy – Life member   

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