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Message from the President:

Dear Fellow Members,

Fall is here, and the weather is finally beginning to cool down, making outdoor activity more pleasant.

We still need skeet/trap and beverage chairpersons, and we, as always can use all the help we can get in the kitchen before and after each meeting. Please volunteer to help make our club functions enjoyable to all. I want to welcome all renewing members and associates, I want to especially welcome new members to the Bay Point club. According to Dave our membership director we are up to 480 members compared to last August when there was 326 members an increase of 154 new members.

R&P range: The Bay Point, Brentwood, Concord, and Diablo clubs are working diligently and cooperatively to move the project forward as rapidly as possible. The current plans intend to obtain permits for grading work in time to do the work before the rains start. Construction of the range office and shooting shelters hope to be completed in the first quarter of 2018, barring any unforeseen problems and delays.  Drawings are in the hands of AECOM for semi-final revisions of the range layout and engineering. We are hoping to have revised plans in late August or early September for USI Board to review and hopefully approve before submittal to County Planning. The current design specifies a significant number of new shooting lanes and parking spots compared with the old facility.  There will be on the order of 70 Pistol slots and 45 Rifle slots. The range office is projected to be cinder-block construction and protected by bollards in order to meet new regulations coming on line in California, as well as to protect the hearing of our range office employees, as required by OSHA.

Multi-Purpose Range: volunteers have assembled free-standing baffles all along the shooting line and overhead baffles on each shooting bench at the MPR.  These will allow safe shooting of .22 LR rim-fire ONLY. NO Center-fire or magnum shooting will be allowed. AECOM reviewed the modifications of the MPR and asserted that they are sufficient to responsibly operate the MPR as long as we limit shooting as described above. As of this writing, USI Management has indicated that the MPR will be open as of Saturday, August 26 pending final range grading and target stand placement. Check the USI website for updates on the opening and hours of operation, and make sure you have signed your liability waiver.  Stop-in and take a look!

I said it before, and I will say it again; get your information from reliable informed sources: the USI Board Members that represent the Bay Point, Concord, Diablo and Brentwood Clubs, who are actually participating in the difficult work of managing the restoration and upgrading of our shooting facilities. Members from different clubs tell me the stories they hear on the porch and fields it amazes me how far from the truth stories are stretched and fabricated.

Enjoy your club! Your Board of Directors and volunteers at Bay Point Rod and Gun Club are striving to make  it better all the time. Our next meeting September 5th  Tuesday after Labor Day. Potluck dinner theme is Italian please attend and bring a favorite Italian main dish, side or dessert to share with


Best Regards,

Peter Llama

President Bay Point R&G Club


Minutes from July 8th, 2017 General Meeting

The Saturday, Aug 5th  meeting was attended by a total of 38 members and club officers. Bay Point President Peter Llama called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m..

Secretary  Millan read the Board of Directors roll call. Peter Llama, Laura Shaw, Rudy Millan, Kim Bennesen, Kenny Pastega, David Kasimatis, Dorothy Bayer and Rich Holmes were in attendance.

There were two new members this month: Andy Braynert and his wife Hedwich Kuypers.

The July meeting minutes were approved as issued, with the exception of the acceptance of the Skeet Chairman position: Pat Fiore (whose name was mis-spelled in the last newsletter… apologies) had not accepted the position.

President Llama read a letter from the Blue Star Moms Chapter 101 thanking Bay Point Rod and Gun Club for the contribution we made last month.

President Llama gave the membership an update on the R&P/ MPR upgrades. He announced that the MPR will be open for rim-fire .22 shooting within two weeks (USI Management has since postponed the opening, and are now forecasting the first day of shooting Saturday 8/26/17 (check the USI website for updates). See his message above for more details, including an update on the design of the R/P Range.

Ed White continues his service to the club as Pheasant Chairman, he can be reached at 925 687-5788.  He held this year’s first Pheasant Raffle, and the winners were John Olson, Teresa Buckner, Dorothy Bayer and Laura Shaw.

President Llama adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm.


Treasurer’s Report: President Llama 

Our Treasurer Tiffany Lantz was not able to attend the meeting, but President Llama read a message from her that our cashflow for the month was negative, at $1,618.99  Checking and Savings account balances at Wells Fargo Bank total

$12,957.  and that the Patelco CDs bring the total funds balance to approximately $103,593.

Club Membership Report: David Kasimatis

David briefed that club membership currently stands at 480 full members, 194 associates, and 33 life members.



A letter from Blue Star Moms was received.  The Blue Star Moms are very appreciative of Bay Point’s contribution last month.

Committee Reports 

Skeet Report

Shooting for the Spring Skeet Leagues ended in June.  The awards dinner will be Saturday August 26 .

Fall league starting September 25 will run through the second week of November. Details will be posted on our web site.


Trap Report

No report.


Fishing Report: Chairman Neil Bennesen

Neil reported that the Bay Point saltwater fishing trip held Saturday, July 29th aboard the C-Gull II out of the Emeryville Sport Fishing Marina was a resounding success.  Nine members and eight non-members attended. The fishing party nearly limited out, having caught 28 Salmon, most of which weighed-in between 10 and 12 lbs.


Old Business:



New Business:



Good of the Club:

Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 5th, a Potluck, and the theme will be Italian.  Please attend and bring a favorite Italian main dish, side or dessert to share with other members.

Board of Directors’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:50 pm by President Llama. Peter Llama, Laura Shaw, Rudy Millan, Kim Bennesen, Kenny Pastega, David Kasimatis, Dorothy Bayer and Rich Holmes were present.

Jon Llama has agreed to serve the Club as a provisional Webmaster until we can identify an individual to take over this responsibility on a permanent basis.

The BOD held a vote to qualify the Blue Star Moms as a worthy organization deserving future contributions.  The motion was approved unanimously.

The BOD held a vote to publish the Bay Point Rod and Gun Club’s Bylaws to all the membership.  The motion was approved unanimously.  A PDF of the current Bylaws document will be sent out with the electronic version of this

newsletter.  Members that receive their newsletter by US Mail may obtain a copy by requesting it in writing during the next membership meeting.

John Thomas, past President and Secretary addressed the BOD regarding his interpretations of BOD members’ various duties and the need for BOD members to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Bylaws.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.


President – Peter Llama
Vice President – Laura Shaw
Secretary – John Thomas
Treasurer – Tiffany Lantz
Membership – Dave Kasimatis

Club Mailing Address:
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club
P.O. Box 535
Concord, CA 94522


Club Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
From L-R: Director Ken Pastega, President Peter Llama, Treasurer Tiffany Lantz, Director Dorothy Bayer, Secretary Rudy Millan,
Vice President Laura Shaw, Membership Director David Kasimatis, Director Kim Bennesen, and Director Richard Holmes.