March 2019

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Message from the President

Dear Fellow Members,

Important: Our April 2nd meeting is canceled and is RESCHEDULED for Sunday April 7th

Looks like Spring and daylight savings time is here, hopefully the cold wet winter has past, we need dry weather to keep the Range construction on track – occasional rain is ok to keep dust down.
I want to thank our members that attended our Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage / Trophy Awards dinner March 16th, especially Dorothy Bayer, Dorothy Finely, Ron McCurry and all the members that spent many hours preparing the meal for our annual event. I especially want to thank Gary LeRoy for his yearlong (and decades of) dedication to our annual BP Trophy awards – documenting all our members’ entries, getting chevrons made for members and a great awards ceremony in true Gary style, all winners are listed below in the meeting minutes, I wish more members could have attended to enjoy the dinner and awards presentation.  Dorothy Bayer tried a new recipe for corned beef that was enjoyed by all, all the meat was slow cooked (7hrs plus) in crock pots with two bottles of Guinness beer per crock pot St Patrick would approve. The meat was very tasty and so tender you could cut it with a fork.

Our next club meeting has been
RESCHEDULED for Sunday April 7th at 6pm
*** Tuesday April 2nd MEETING is

This is our Chili cook-off and cornbread dinner, members are encouraged to participate with a Chili or cornbread entry. As in the past there are three classes: MILD CHILI, SPICEY CHILI AND CORNBREAD. Safeway gift cards will be awarded as prizes. Members not participating in the cooking Completion are encouraged to bring salads, sides or dessert to share.  shooting before the meeting from 5 to 6 p.m.

Bay Point skeet league is starting up on April 18th and 23rd, anyone on a Monday or Thursday team from last year please contact your team captain about this year’s squads, there are 40 shooters on either night, there will be openings. If any shooters want to join the fun on either night contact me. Check the BP website for more info.

R&P Range update:  Our excavation contractor- Diablo General officially started moving dirt on the Rifle and Pistol Range March 18th.  They started doing the underground work for the storm sewers and any associated underground work. They expect to start moving dirt to elevate the range for shooting sheds and range office the first week of April. Six contacts have been agreed to and signed with excavation/grading, concrete, steel fabrication, masonry, electrical and plumbing contractors. We have more contractors to consider and review, but the six we have contacted with are our core contractors to get us up and out of the ground. What we need now is much less rain to keep the project moving with no weather delays.

Multi-Purpose Range: The MPR is getting more and more use. The range is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during regular business hours, check the USI website for updates or call clubhouse. Check-in at the clubhouse office to pay your fees and to have your safety-card checked, then proceed to the MPR, where the RSO will assign a shooting bench. Please come out and shoot 22’s. 22 LR rim-fire ONLY

Spring is here, weather is getting better, enjoy your club.
Easter is April 21st Happy Easter to all

Best Regards,

Peter Llama
President Bay Point R&G Club

Bay Point Rod & Gun Club Membership Meeting  3/16/2019

The meeting was called to order By President Llama at 8:40 P.M.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ed White.

Roll Call:
President Llama, V.P. Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins, Director, Bayer, Director LeRoy, were present as were 26 members and one guest (Mrs. Carmen Llama)…see sign-in sheet.

The minutes of the last meeting were read were approved…Motion by LeRoy w/second by Jackie Collins.

Treasurer’s Report by President Llama
Total monies: $101,897.62 …Up roughly two thousands dollars from last month.

No Correspondence:

New Member:
Rocky Romo – from associate member to full member.

Committee reports:
None. The need for a fishing chair was discussed, as was the need to work on a trap league and the up-coming spring skeet league.

Unfinished Business:

Old Business:
President Llama reported that equipment needed to begin work on the Rifle and Pistol Ranges will arrive this coming Monday.

New Business:
Director Bayer motioned to amend rule 4.09 of Bylaws.
Currently it reads: The President, with approval of the Board, shall appoint no later than March of each year, a nominating committee of at least two members in good standing, whose duties shall be to present the names of candidates to each elective office. These names shall be submitted to the membership at the general membership meeting in May and shall be voted on at the general membership meeting in June. Nominations for all elective offices shall also be open from the floor at the time of election.

The motion to change 4.09 would read: The President, with the approval of the Board, shall appoint no later than March of each year, a nominating committee of at least two members in good standing, whose duties shall be to present the names of candidates for each elective office. These names shall be submitted to the membership at the general membership meeting in June. Nominations for all elective offices shall be closed at the meeting prior to election meeting.

Motion was seconded by Jackie Collins
After discussion the motion was passed w/25 in favor and 1 opposed.

The need for a Membership chair was discussed.

Guest Mrs. Carmen Llama was introduced by President Llama

Membership meeting was recessed so that the annual Trophy Awards could be presented by Director LeRoy.

Trophy Awards
Ed White…Pheasant
Tom Kirkwood…Blue Goose, Vermillion Cod, Ling Cod, Dungeness Crab, Widgeon & Black Rock Cod.
David Scholz…Gadwall & Mallard.
Shirley Blethen…Bob Cat,
John Thomas …Snow goose.
Tammy Thomas… Ross Goose.
Dorothy Bayer…Snapping Turtle.
John Olson…Crow.
John Rosales…Yellow Fin Tuna.
Stacey Rosales…Yellow Fin Tuna
Gary LeRoy…King Salmon, Stripped Bass, Halibut, Rainbow Trout, Canada Goose, Speckled Belly Goose, Eastern Turkey, Antelope, Black Buck (Texas), White Tail Deer, Boar Hog.

Membership meeting (Resumed):
President Llama reported that the board is working to revise Bylaws along with revisions to the Policies & Procedures. These revisions will be presented to the membership by July or August.

Board would like to move membership meeting to Sunday nights. The purpose is to increase membership attendance and beat the heavy traffic as much as possible.

The chili cook-off to be held at next meeting was discussed: Prizes for best mild chili, best spicy chili, and best cornbread will be given.

President Llama appointed Mike MacIntosh and Ron McCurry to the Nomination Committee…Ron McCurry asked the current Officers and Directors if they would serve another term…All replied in the affirmative.
Bill Vencill suggested that members who run for office present a brief written statement about their qualification…No motion, just food for thought.

Good of Club
David Scholz brought to the club’s attention the anti-gun work being done by Governor Como in New York and the need to support the N.R.A.

Meeting Adjourned by President Llama at 9:30 P.M.
Bay Point Rod & Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting 3/16/2019

The meeting was called to order by President Llama at 9:50 P.M.
Present: President Llama, Vice President Brophy, Secretary Ed Collins, Treasurer Jackie Collins, Directors Bayer & Le Roy

Good of the Club:
Treasurer Collins & President Llama will get together this week to take care of Banking Signature requirements
Bylaws Committee meeting will be held in 3 weeks to revise Bylaws and the Policies & Procedures.
The need to register the new club officers with state (704?) was discussed.
A newsletter about the chili cook-off was discussed.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 P.M.

REMINDER: Please support your club and attend monthly meetings, 1st Tuesday of each month UNLESS CHANGED IN NEWSLETTER AND WEBSITE.
Check the website calender for updates.

Also, visit the U.S.I. website at